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 Largo owners clubs within the UK

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Largo owners clubs within the UK Empty
PostSubject: Largo owners clubs within the UK   Largo owners clubs within the UK EmptySun Nov 23, 2008 6:41 am

I keep hearing from certain other people that there are not enough Largo owners to support the Largo owners/enthusiasts clubs here in the UK. Shocked
Surely by having more than one Largo club it gives us owners a choice as to what we want to view. Very Happy

It is not about being the biggest or the best that matters it is about having a choice. If people want to belong to more than one owner club then that is fine and should benefit everyone concerned.

On this forum we welcome EVERYONE who has an interest in the Nissaan Largo whether they already belong to another owners club or not. The more the merrier. Smile Smile If you are considering buying a Largo then please feel free to ask for advice on what is good and what possible problems you might come across.

Once we become more established here on the "Nissan Largo Enthusiasts club" we hope to have regular meetings and get togethers where we acan all share in the fun and show off our cars.

Watch out for our new "SWAP SHOP" section on here where members who have Largo related items ie parts that they no longer want, can "swap" these parts with other members who might have other parts to swap. If we can all help each other out then this will be a good way to do it without parting with our hard earned cash. Very Happy

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Largo owners clubs within the UK
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